If you like Real Estate….Surf Rock is Dead!

by Landry on January 23, 2015

I do, so I clicked. Brooklyn-based duo, Surf Rock is Dead feels good. Nice and blurry and warm. Each song makes a comfy cocoon that could only be better if it went on just a little longer. Catch ‘em next Thursday night at Pianos. And hurry up already, guys, with your first record so we can put it on and go into extended lounge mode.


Jim and Sam (Jim Hanft and Samantha Yonack) – They’re Back as a Band and in Top Form. Watch the Video for “Pull Over Now”


Before they were officially a band, before they even teamed up in song, Jim Hanft and Samantha Yonack had a special kind of chemistry. Charmed (and charming, I’m sure), Hanft ended up landing the gal and the record contract (he signed to Swedish label, Veranda Records, in 2009). Since then, the two have been billed [...]

Kris Gruen; Highlight Track: “Cemetery” from New Comics From The Wooded World (out July 2, 2013, Motherwest); On Tour Now – NY, TN, VT


Vermonter (transplanted from NYC) Kris Gruen has a mellow way about him. When we hosted him for a Live Luxury Wafers Session back in April of 2009, we instantly felt comfy in his quiet and unassuming presence. Once he began to play guitar and sing, it became apparent that Gruen’s interface with the world is [...]

Spencer Livingston’s upcoming debut album, GROW, out July 16th on LW; “Have a Little Faith” animated video premiered on American Songwriter Magazine, out now!


Singer songwriter, Spencer Livingston’s voice croons sweet and clear amidst warm, folk-Americana arrangements. His sensitive lyrics slyly penetrate via his easy-going, familiar sound. Livingston’s debut album, GROW, will be released on the Luxury Wafers Fresh label July 16th, 2013, just a few days before the Summer 2013 tour. Hopeful, the first single from the record, [...]

Butch Norton, “grooving with what I got”


The video says it all. Get a glimpse of Butch-world here. This is why Butch is the man.

What’s Cool About Eisley :: New Album, Currents – A Few To Savor


What’s cool about Eisley? Eisley’s artwork is unfailingly intriguing. The group is from a small Texas town. After all of their years (over a decade) of successfully making music together, they still live there. They’re family: siblings Sherri Dupree-Bemis, Stacy King, Chauntelle Dupree and Weston Dupree with cousin Garron Dupree. And most of all, Eisley’s [...]

Luxury Wafers Exclusive :: (from the vault) Forro In The Dark, Live at Jackpot Studios


It’s been a while. But Forro In The Dark hasn’t gotten any less fun. We were honored to host the lively and enormously talented group of New York-based, Brazilian ex-pats – Mauro Refosco (zabumba drum and vocals), Guilherme Monteiro (guitar and vocals) and Jorge Continentino (pifano flute, sax and vocals) and Davi (timbau) – at [...]

Groups of 9 or More: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Poignant New ‘Child’ Video; Japonize Elephants – Mélodie Fantastique and Mousetraps


In exactly the hallucinogenic fashion you’d expect from a bay area nonet, Japonize Elephants congregate with instruments from every nook and cranny, including parts of the kitchen sink and nearby combustible engines, to create slinky, theatrical, gypsy-meets-circus-meets-ridiculous-plus-a-side-of-adrenalin pieces. To complement the ensemble’s large-scale, gluttonous feasting on the every-genre music bazaar buffet, Japonize Elephants’ upcoming live [...]

New From the Archives: Y La Bamba, Live at Jackpot Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon; Nov 2009 (Luxury Wafers Exclusive)


Mornings are moody here in LA of late. I can’t think of much more apropos to compliment the first-thing fuzz and cuppa joe than Portland’s Luz Elena Mendoza and her band, Y La Bamba. We recorded this session live at Jackpot Studios in Portland, just before Thanksgiving in 2009. The song is Juniper, from Y [...]

Jacob Miller on the Front Porch – East Side Drag


A passel of songs have taken new life on the front porch. It’s a natural breeding ground, where the chemistry of good company, inebriants, and various forms of musical expression fosters an urge to keep coming together and creating that spark. If Jacob Miller didn’t invent the front porch in a past incarnation, then certainly [...]

New From the Archives: Benoit Pioulard, Live at Jackpot Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon; Nov 2009 (Luxury Wafers Exclusive)


Having Benoit Pioulard (aka Thomas Meluch) in the studio for a live session just before Thanksgiving in his then-current town was a real treat for us at Luxury Wafers.  Understated, Pioulard quietly had a seat – guitar in hand – and proceeded to enchant with his lush, blurry soundscapes. It was perfectly Portland in the [...]

Mole Gone Wild


  I’ve been on a mole kick ever since we returned from Portland. Perhaps because parts of me weren’t ready yet to leave the enveloping earth tones and oxygen-rich air of the Pacific Northwest. Or the eat-happy, walking neighborhoods of Rose City. And perhaps because we brought home a little virus as a souvenir of [...]

We have different styles. (You’re an asshole.) The Milk Carton Kids play it right.


LISTEN – :: The Milk Carton Kids – New York (mp3) :: When I stepped into LA’s charming Largo at the Coronet on Tuesday night, I unknowingly stumbled into a vortex of timelessness with The Milk Carton Kids, a folk duo (Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale) originally from Los Angeles, now New York-based. Although I’d [...]

The Alternates’ Spencer Livingston, Live @ The Pie and Tart Shoppe (Luxury Wafers Exclusive) + Listen to the new Alternates EP!


Here’s a really sweet acoustic ditty from Spencer Livingston, lead singer of the Alternates. A la AA Bondy or Jeff Tweedy. Listen and melt: Now go listen to Livingston’s band. Just back in LA from a NW coast foray, Americana rockers, the Alternates, have a killer new EP out called Spiders and Webs. (Check out [...]

Sonic Snacks – A Motley Mix of Recent Favorites


:: Country Mice – Festival mp3 :: This one grabbed hold of me like a stickaburr from the hill country. Rustic rock brought to you from Brooklyn via the Midwest. Look forward to their debut album, Twister, in June. :: Hunx and His Punx – Lovers Lane mp3 :: Naughty but clean here, Hunx injects [...]

Propellerhead Home Sessions: Amber Rubarth, Courtney Jones + Peter Malick


This was fun. Even before the ‘Pie and Tart’ home studio was built out and put together, our good friends from Propellerhead suggested the kind of 2-day bash we can really dig: freeform recording with friends who are top singer-songwriters and players. The equation, which produced good times and two awesome new songs (listen and [...]

Crystal Antlers: reflections, refinements, and now what?!


While sorting through cyber-mountains of files during re-entry to the Luxury Wafers atmosphere, I ran across this video of one of my all-time favorite sessions: Crystal Antlers. Oh man. Awesome. Details of the session are blurry in my memory. From the calendar, I know it was late afternoon in July of 2009. I do remember [...]

New Iron and Wine … and while we’re at it, Sufjan too


Iron and Wine, the band formerly aka simply Sam Beam, has expanded to Beam and friends in their latest release, Kiss Each Other Clean (which actually doesn’t drop ’till 1/25/2011 – pre-order here). You can listen to the album in its entirety on the aesthetically groovy player below, courtesy of Iron and Wine/Team Coco. (Catch [...]

Hello again, dear Wafer lovers!


Hola! Que tal? Where to begin?! I’ve missed you, friends. It’s been so long. There was a time when I was exhausted and nauseated. Then I swelled to unbelievably enormous proportions. Then, after the passing of numerous moons, I sprung a new little Waferlet. She’s 5 months old now and, happily, she happens to dig [...]

Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Butch Norton and Peter Malick, Live @ Chessvolt Studios with Videos and Mp3s


Butch Norton and Peter Malick are longtime friends and lifelong players. When the two get together it’s always shenanigans of the best variety. Part mad scientist, part steady mountain, Butch (Eels, Lucinda Williams) enlivens anything from a standard drum kit to fancy specialized percussion instruments to appliance parts. With inexhaustible awe, Butch hears opportunity for [...]

Luxury Wafers Exclusive: The Most Serene Republic, Live@Chessvolt Studios with Videos and Mp3s


The Most Serene Republic, a 7 piece collective from Ontario, Canada, smooths rough edges with their exquisitely fluid pools of pop buoyed by piano, guitar, bass and drums, animated by Adrian and Emma’s dreamy voices and elegantly embellished with brass and banjo. Altogether, the band pours out enchanted, imaginative blurs with plenty of moving parts [...]

Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Davila 666 live @ Kingsize Soundlabs with Video and Mp3s


Puerto Rican garage-punk, party rockers, Davila 666, dropped into Kingsize Soundlabs for Luxury Wafers back in October, loaded with cavalier flair and magnetic machismo. For this super fun session, the notorious group of 6 left off their hallmark exotic dancers and theatrical props to do live studio recording with us. Even without their sensational live [...]

Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Wye Oak, Live @ Chessvolt Studios with Videos and Mp3s


What I love about the young, old-sounding souls, Wye Oak from Baltimore, is the womb they create. Between Jenn Wasner’s mesmerizing, melty voice – like warm poured liquid – plus heavily enveloping guitar and Andy Stack’s arrangements, which include crashing cymbals, pounding drums and keyboard drones, there’s a wall of insulation erected that begs escape [...]

New Deer Tick: The Black Dirt Sessions; 20 Miles [mp3]


Deer Tick offers up the first mp3 from their upcoming June release on Partisan, The Black Dirt Sessions. This song conjures the experience of walking alone down an ungroomed dirt road under midwestern beating sun and clear skies – just you and some mosquitoes – while wearing a hundred pound backpack and tattered shoes, only [...]

Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Adam Green, Live@Kingsize Soundlabs with Videos and Mp3s


Adam Green, son of a neurologist, brother of an astrophysicist, and former Moldy Peach with Kimya Dawson (their Anyone Else But You was featured in Juno), is wide open, funny in a dry way, super comfy and very friendly. He’s happy to sit and chat for a bit about two young female musicians he followed [...]